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Loren Merkle, CFP®

As a child, Loren received $5 per month as an allowance if he completed all of his daily chores up to his parent’s standard.  It didn’t take him long to understand the need for self-discipline and attention to detail in his work.  He also learned that it didn’t take long to spend $5 and that if he wanted real buying power he would have to budget with extreme intention and save his resources.

Loren recalls a time in his life when he first emerged from the academic realm and entered the professional world.  He had an internal confidence and diploma, but didn’t have a dime to his name or any real world experience.  Ultimately, the professional world handed him a dose of reality and quickly he realized this new journey was unforgiving.  Committed to the idea of helping others through the teachings of his financial wisdom, he went on a four-year journey of becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ practitioner.
Loren has now been dedicated to helping people maximize their financial resources for 17 years.  He has been a valuable source of financial information for Des Moines through adult community education classes and most recently The Weiss-Merkle Financial Show that airs on ABC5 Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.  He is passionate about mentoring others down a path to financial freedom.  He co-founded Weiss-Merkle Financial, LLC to give him a bigger platform to help those who could benefit from his experiences and learnings.

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