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Fleming's Steakhouse & Wine Bar 
November 9th at 6:00pm


Strategies discussed will be suitable for thoses with a minimum net worth of $250 thousand dollars. 
In order to reserve your seats, please call us at 515-278-1006 today!

Upper Iowa University

Date: Wednesday, October 25th & Thursday, November 16th 

To attend the Passport to Retirement Class, please call 515-278-4110

Passport to Retirement is a retirement planning class for those ages 50-70. The classes are held from 6:00pm-9:00pm at Upper Iowa University's West Des Moines Campus.  

Investing a few hours of your time at Passport to Retirement can pay off immediately. You should gain confidence in your financial decision-making ability. And later on, you may be better prepared to face the challenges and enjoy the rewards retirement can bring. This course will be relevant if you are nearing retirement, already retired, or just beginning to develop your retirement plan. Sound information about effective financial strategies will give you the background and perspective to help make more informed decisions. You'll discover how to formulate realistic goals based on your individual retirement needs, risk tolerance and length of time to retirement.

Some of the topics covered include the following:

For a map to the West Des Moines Upper Iowa University, click HERE.

Lunch & Learn Events

Our Lunch & Learn events are held as an opportunity to provide our clients with on-going education on important financial topics.  We also bring in guest speakers to talk about topics of interest outside of the financial industry, such as gardening, healthy living, identity theft, traveling and more.  If you're a client that hasn't been receiving our Lunch & Learn e-mail invites, please call or email us with your updated e-mail address so we can add you to the invite list!

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